Blind Food Taste Challange - New Kids TV

Blind Food Taste Challange – New Kids TV

Casey and Daddy blind taste lots of strange food items with a chance to win a kinder surprise egg in this very funny New Kids TV video

Daddy nearly vomits eating this yucky disgusting food!!

Would You blind taste food?

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So What is a Blind Food Taste Challange? Well the idea is simple. Two people are blindfolded and give samples of various different foods to taste, obviously without them knowing what it is they are about to taste!

Some of the foods they taste will be nice but one or two of them will be disgusting!

They have to see if they can tell what it is that they are tasting. In this case, they try a few different yogurt flavors mostly but there is also the booby prize of tomato ketchup and cream cheese!

Poor daddy is almost sick when he tries the cream cheese which leads to a very funny moment where he feels he has to spit it out.

In the end, the winner gets a kinder surprise egg but as Casey is such a good boy he decides to share his prize with daddy and also give daddy a kinder surprise egg!

Inside the kinder egg, Casey gets a little car with a launcher that fires the car forward very fast while daddy finds a little Mini Cooper

This New Kids TV video was made by Casey and Daddy on the 22nd of Feb 2017

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