Playmobile Police - City Action - New Kids TV

Playmobile Police – City Action – New Kids TV

Casey’s Christmas Vlog!

Last night Santa came to all the kids of the world including Casey! Sadly the little man was not feeling too well due to a cold but he was in good spirits most of the day.

So what toys did he get?

Well, Casey is a bit of a Hobby Kid Collector for Playmobile Police Station stuff so….
a Playmobile Police Helicoptor,
a Awesome set of walki-talkies from Motorola,
a Playmobile Police Unit (from Nana)
a Playmobile Police Bike,

Lots and Lots of Playmobile City Action Police Toys!

This Hobby kids have of collecting playmobile hey 😉 !

He also got a shopping cash register and a recorder.

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