There has been a new craze spreading across youtube like wildfire in the last few years and it is targeting one market specifically Kids!

Who started it exactly we dont know but the leaders are clear. HobbyKidsTV is one of the fastest growing Childrens channels on youtube with an audience of millions. They make videos for kids such as Kinder Surprise Videos, Giant Eggs as well as Gaming Videos and just fun play time videos.

HobbyKidsTV First Ever Video

Hobby kids Started a few years ago with their older kid know now as hobby pig and the mother hobby mom. They made videos of what seemed to be their play time but soon after their videos seems to become sponsored by the huge USA super store chain Target

They produce new videos almost daily and make an estimated $6.6 Million USD a year between them and their youtube partner Maker Studios according to Social Blade

We all know about the recent video from the huge youtube PewDiePie where he points out the video style of the again massive youtuber Ryan from Ryan ToysReview

Ryan actually brings in double the views that PewdiePie does but the audience is often just little children which would account for the lack of subscribers as most kids wont even know what subscribe is!

Up and Comming Kid Youtubers

Move over Ryan and Hobby kids there is a new sheriff in town! Fairly new to the Youtube scene is a star we think you should keep an eye on! Casey from New Kids TV is a fast growing channel for children with a huge range of entertaining videos already! Casey and his Dad make videos for children that include adventures, Kinder Surprise Toys, Toy Revies, Super Heros, Games or just having fun!
In One recent video, the Guys try a range of foods but blind folded! This turns out to be quite the laugh a second video!

All in all it seems like Youtube has a new team of super tubers that are taking the platform by storm! Strep asside adults, the kids got this one!

Youtube Kid Super Stars

Top Kids Youtubers Making Millions